Extension, Configuration and the Advantages of the Shifting Bottleneck Approach for Solving Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Problems in Production and Logistics Processes

Yi, Tan
Reihe: Informationstechnische Systeme und Organisation von Produktion und Logistik, Band 23

zum Shop

ISBN-13:   9783955451981

Production scheduling plays a key role for the intelligent production in Industry 4.0. Due to the increasing market competition, manufactures play more and more attention to ful lling the customers’ demand on punctuality. This dissertation extends the shifting bottleneck (SB) procedure with variable neighborhood search (VNS) to solve the job shop scheduling problem, which is widely used for modelling the make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturing processes. In addition, it presents guidelines to readers (e.g. MES/ERP developers) for con guring this procedure. Through computational experiments conducted on benchmark instances up to 150 jobs

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